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Don't miss Excel extends optical coating software capabilities in Laser Focus World, April 2014. You have Excel, so why not do more with it?

Click here to read the article on-line; click here to download freely available Excel workbook examples (Reference 1 in  the article).

FilmStar Programs

FilmStartm is a powerful and easy-to-use suite of Windows programs
for designing, manufacturing, and measuring optical coatings.


Designs and optimizes optical thin film coatings. A Free Version with fixed indices is available.


Maintains dispersive index files and functions


Optional...converts designs to manual or automatic optical monitor settings


Optional...uploads designs to INFICON and Sycon deposition controllers


Optional...controls and acquires data from spectrophotometers. This program is also marketed to chemists and spectroscopists as Scantraq.

FilmStar Support Pages

Updates/Installers    Technical Issues/FAQ    Free Version

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FilmStar Development System

While many users just operate FilmStar from its friendly menus and dialog boxes,
FilmStar includes powerful and flexible built-in programmable modules.

FilmStar BASIC

A BASIC interpreter nearly 100% compatible with Microsoft VBA TUTORIAL

FilmStar Workbook

An Excel-compatible spreadsheet for calculating and optimizing user-defined spectral functions TUTORIAL

FSPlot Module

Publication-quality graphs for calculated and measured spectra TUTORIAL

Report Generator

Previews and prints reports with text, results, and graphics TUTORIAL

FilmStar Database

Use FileMaker Pro to sort and select designs and manage spectral data

DDE & Automation

Integration with 16-bit and 32-bit Windows applications
These modules work together. For example, a report generated by BASIC and printed in the report generator can include workbook calculations. There are numerous benefits:
  • Entire coating design catalogs can be printed automatically.
  • Macros can be run during optimization. As an example, it is possible to design CIE color coatings where the specification includes two illuminants incident from opposite directions.
  • Users can select measured data files with industry-standard SQL commands and automatically run programs to examine spectral yields over a period of time.
  • Users can evaluate and optimize spectral functions not originally in the program.
  • Engineers with moderate programming skills can set up one-button processes for coating technicians. This is especially crucial in quality-control.

Supplementing its built-in programmability, FilmStar is highly integrated with other Windows applications via DDE (dynamic data exchange) and 32-bit Automation (ActiveX). Many data types can be imported and exported. DESIGN and MEASURE can receive commands from Excel, Labview and other applications.

An optional feature in all programs is the FilmStar Administrator. This makes it possible to protect designs and spectral data as well as assure auditors that quality assurance procedures are being followed.

As shown here, the MEASURE FilmStar Administrator can set a computer so that technicians can't change scan settings or other critical parameters. Copies of DESIGN installed in coating areas can be locked against  unwanted design changes.

A four page printable summary of FilmStar features can be obtained by clicking here.

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