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The FilmStar DESIGN Free Version is a powerful implementation with fixed indices. It may be all that is required for your purposes. Additional free software acquires and plots Inficon IC/5/6 deposition data.
Go to FilmStar home page FilmStar Optical Thin Film Software is a suite of Windows programs for designing, manufacturing, and measuring optical coatings. Coatings are applied to glass and other surfaces by high vacuum deposition. FilmStar is distinguished by its ease-of-use and connectivity to deposition monitors and spectrophotometers. FilmStar stands alone in the ability of its users to customize and automate.
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Scantraq is a standalone version of FilmStar MEASURE, marketed to chemists and spectroscopists and supporting UV/Vis/IR data acquisition and analysis from current and legacy PerkinElmer and other models. With its built-in development tools, Scantraq provides a powerful alternative to the software supplied by instrument manufacturers. Agilent (HP) 8453 users may be surprised to know that serial (USB) is supported.

Excel extends optical coating
software capabilities

Laser Focus World, April 2014

Learn how savvy Excel users accomplish more with optical thin film design and measurement software. Sure, there's some learning involved, but that's the price of productivity!

Read the article and download Excel workbooks to try for yourself. For a quick overview watch Dave Taddeo's YouTube video. You have Excel, so why not do more with it?

When productivity is essential, follow the Fivefold Path to coating success: MEASURE, ARCHIVE, ANALYZE, OPTIMIZE, AUTOMATE.

View/print the document shown on the left and watch our informative PowerPoint. (No PowerPoint? Free Microsoft viewer.)

Browse our e-adverts and videos
to discover how FilmStar benefits organizations and recharges careers in optical thin films. When success involves automation, FilmStar makes it easy as shown on YouTube.

What about R&D?
Modules like the FilmStar Workbook provide means to analyze and optimize designs with unique requirements. Click here for an example! FilmStar's Stack Mode supports up to 32K layers comprised of up to 32K materials.

PerkinElmer Frontier FTIR...FTG simplifies FTIR operation and supports QA automation with its new MEASURE Spectrum 10 Server. The server is compatible with all PE FTIR models after GX. Optical engineers should specify the Optica model and study PE's 983 comparison. And of course, FilmStar MEASURE runs most PE spectrophotometers (as well as other models), both new and legacy.

The FTG Spectrum 10 Server supports other software, notably Excel as in Spectrum10.xlsm. Click here to learn more about the stability of FTIR and other single-beam spectrometers.

Inficon IC6...With 50 processes and 200 layers per process (up from 250 TOTAL in the IC/5) why would anyone type in multilayers with the IC6 keypad? That's slow and error-prone, really demanding a second person to review entries. IC/4/5 models are also supported and the software (FilmStar CRYSTAL) is now offered in a standalone version. COM/LAN interfaces allow you to upload multiple deposition controllers with one computer. Download our free software for logging and plotting deposition data (thickness, rate, power).

Choosing a new coating chamber? Need higher yields? Training technicians and engineers? Wondering if automation can lower costs? Get the help you need from a qualified thin film consultant! is an association of recognized experts in high vacuum thin film technology, emphasizing but not limited to optical coating. Each Expert offers unique capabilities.

Today it's more important than ever to solve problems, implement new solutions, and upgrade capabilities as quickly and economically as possible. Contact an Expert today!

Course Announcement

Practical Design and Production
of Optical Thin Films

Ron Willey, Instructor

This one-week course, intended for both new and experienced coating engineers, utilizes FilmStar in design and analysis examples.

8-12 September 2014, Charlevoix, MI USA
12-16 January 2015, Amsterdam, Netherlands

For further information please contact Ron Willey
(+1 231-237-9392) or visit

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