Technical Issues - Updating HASP Security ID Modules

Sentinel HASP ID modules (USB keys) may be remotely programmed. Users can activate new modules or add programs such as MONITOR or MEASURE without returning keys to FTG Software.

1a. Activate new key...Keys are normally programmed before shipping, but when that is not possible it must be user-activated. Send us the ID code and we will provide an executable which programs the module. Repeat for multiple modules. Codes are hexadecimal numbers with 7 or 8 characters (0-9, A-F).

1b. Add new programs...Click File...Configuration and select the Security tab to view the ID of the key to be updated. Send us the ID code and we will provide an executable which updates your module. Repeat for multiple modules.

Unactivated ID Module

Obtaining or verifying Module ID

2. Run executable...After we receive your ID code, we will generate and upload a short program using the ID code as file name (i.e. 2381B95E.exe). Mount the key on a computer on which FilmStar (Scantraq) is installed. The Write button updates the key. Program choices are pre-set and cannot be varied. If incorrect, we can quickly send a new executable.

HASP driver not installed

Module does not match executable

Module matches, ready to click <Write>

Module updated correctly!

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